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Love, Powerful but Dangerous

Love, Powerful but Dangerous
13 year old Kiara Wilson and 15 year old Michael Martinez are a young couple, who's love is very strong. They have such strong feelings for eachother that they want to stay together forever. Kiara's family says otherwise. They disapprove of their love and forbids her to ever seeing him again, but Kiara and Michael fight for their loves' justice. But, sure to come the young couple's relationship will soon be tested, which they are not aware of and decide wheather if their love is truly meant to be...forever.

THE BOOK IS NOT FINISHED but Hope you like it! Please, give me your honest opinions. Enjoy!! :)

Love, Secrets, Trust, Faith, Sex, Family, Teen, Relationship
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i beg of u plz keeep writing this book is really good and i want to read more i look foward to reading more of it!!!!!!!!!!!

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