This is a story about two people, love and the power of words.

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Super, mal was in englisch.
Da ich gerade wieder mein Sprachentraining habe, passt das ganz gut.
Werde mich mit dem Buch in den nächsten Tagen intensiv beschäftigen !

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What the fucking hell is this?
It's so ... I can't say.
I truly love it.


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Im lovin´it.
You made it good :)
My favorite part is the beginning.
The special evthng.
I´d like to read more short stories, if you need a reader tell me :)
damn youre good!!

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I realy enjoyed this :) The descriptive nature of your writing style is almost prose, and the timing for telling the story was spot on! I'm officially impressed :D

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Wieder einmal muss ich deine Bücher loben:)
Ich lese sie jetzt schon sooo gerne.Du gehörst suf jeden Fall zu meinen Favoriten dazu:)
Bitte schreibe weiterhin so tolle Bücher.(Und schreib mir bitte eine Empfehlung) ;)
Carolina Fabian

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I really liked this one. Not only is it written in english but also you write about something you can really think about. I really enjoyed reading this story and- for that matter- the other ones you have already written. you have a gift and a talent and I would love to read more from you soon.
all the best,

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I think elias served right with his opinion, I truly died for a few seconds, but I'm still here, nor?
Think of it as a compliment, dear Chris.
Yours, Nora.

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really thought of dying as I closed this fucking book.
if you ever heard it or not, it's one of the best storys someone could read.
i like it, my dear.
yours, elias.

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