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On Top of the World

On Top of the World

Life could be easier when mankind returns to its true nature; good and evil always walked side by side, until the universe created a superior species and lost its power of this so called human race. Planet Earth, once a colorful paradise for all living beings was turned into a black and white valley of death by this superior society.

The older Christian Bass becomes, the better he can see and pictures what is going on and he puts his finger directly into the wound, however, he is not doing so without constantly telling how beautiful this world could be when mankind will return the different colors of life and start to accept and use its power to keep this planet, this diverse universe of life in balance.

We, mankind, are on top of the world, the masters of the food-chain, but how long will it take until the universe will interfere and strike to cure this planet from the misbehavior of its rulers?

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