Nightmare Story

A Waking Start Von:
Nightmare Story
The harder I tried the more my brain pulsed, there was only fire,” DEATH IS FREEDOM!!” that is all that keep coming back; over and over again. I could hear my heart beating rapidly in my chest, wanting to scream, “SHUT UP” at my head. Wanting the endless phrase to stop its haunting echo. The images of fire mingled with distorted faces tortured my mind, and crazed laughter chilling over my soul.

This story is for all that dream and ends in a nightmare...

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Hi! Chris,

I read your first two chapters.. & i thought they were AWESOME! i would really like to sit down with you one of these days and discuss its content with you.. i hope you don't mind.. but.. i took the liberty of taking some notes.. & i would like to ask you a couple of questions i had. Maybe, we can go out for some coffee one of these days? to discuss it? My treat..? what do you say?

L♥ve you,


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