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The Father Within

A Journey Upward and Inward Von:
The Father Within

(In Progress: Lesson 9 of 14 lessons done).

The Father Within is a simple story about the dialogue between the student and the teacher within us all portrayed by Kai and His Master as they Ascend into the higher parts of the mountain. In the book, the mountain is a piece of rock filled with all sorts of Life while the mountain we climb on a daily basis is into the higher realms of consciousness and beliefs leading to the very Presence of God.

It presents a doctrine of forgiveness, peace, and love and is gently asks the reader to consider new ways of thinking about age old concepts like fear, love, heaven, hell, God, suffering, healing, religion, prayer, eternal life, and the Ascension.

So as to not offend any of the current world religions, it creates a fictitious religion called Lumarianism and its Great Prophet, Luma. Kai and his Master continually reference this religion during the story as they discuss the various lessons of the day.

The Father Within, reminds us all of our single Purpose in Life - the reason we were born- and rekindles our relationship with the Ascended Masters that are assisting us on a daily basis in achieving this purpose en-mass and individually.

Finally, the Father Within is a story that attempts to reach out to those that have given up on Life. If you already believe in God, it might get you to think about your beliefs in a new way so you embrace your Creed even more strongly and deeper. It's purpose is to give hope to perhaps someone that lost that hope along the Path of Life.

God, Life, Truth, Spirituality, I AM, Self-Help
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