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The Lords: part 1 of 2

Xaos 2 Von:
The Lords: part 1 of 2
The First Children return to find the Soul Rings, Rings with the power to combine two or more souls, so that they may revive the Original. Unfortunately, each of the Rings is possessed by one of Xaos's tyrannical Lords of the universe, ten highly powered god-like beings that rule a tenth of the universe each.

Complicating matters is the aftermath of the Andromeda Disaster and the fact that space has changed dramatically since the destruction of the Void. However, whilst it seems that Xaos and his Lords are the only major challenge facing the First Children, they must face treachery from inside their own ranks and a more omnipotent power than they could have ever imagined...

Darkness is coming.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Xaos Saga"
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