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Mind of Madness...

Mind of Madness...
A detective is sent on an investigation, and soon has to challenge his own sanity to survive the night. Problem is, when you've lost your mind, how can you tell what's right?...

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Mind of Madness"
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Mind of Madness...
Horror, madness, death, darkness, insanity
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Nevada City, CA

""the usual hyper-polarizing left-wing groups: Planned Parenthood, Move On and
the Women’s March"".

Is that where we are? Standing firm to protect women's fundamental rights is
not just doing the right thing? It's not just polarizing....but 'hyper-

That's only true when reported through the right wing Fox/Trump filter. Why
would you repeat this, Mr Brooks? Are you trying to remain in the center of
the... mehr anzeigen

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Nice work, made an interesting & atmospheric reading. Sadly you scanned-in from another format, as it seems. My ebook reader failed to zoom the text, which was displayed pretty small (half the screen unused)...

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