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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love
Skypaw is one of Cloudstar, leader of NightClan, kits. She has another brother and sister. But Skypaw is suspicous of Crowfur, the clan deputy, who is ambitious and flirty. When she catches Crowfur flirting with Cloudstar, Skypaw knows that she must react fast before it's too late.

Soulpaw is secretly training with the Dark Forest, under Hawkstar's watchful eye. They are trying to make her bring the dead sprits of the Dark Forest back to life. Soulpaw is in love with Hawkstar, but little does she know is that they are trying to kill her mother so Crowfur can be leader.

Tigerpaw is swift and loyal to his clan. But when he meets Heathersong, a pretty she-cat from another clan, he changes. Can his friends persuade Tigerpaw to stop loving Heathersong?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Three Paths"
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Forbidden Love
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That is an awesome book so far. please right more. it is really good.

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