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I Hate You (On-Hold)

Life of an Emo Von:
I Hate You (On-Hold)
Tanya is a young teenage girl that feels pain and hurt both towards and from her mother everyday. She struggles to hold onto the old happy her, but she can feel her happy self slipping through her fingers...will she be able to hold on? Will she reach her braking point? What will it take for her to be happy again? Love? Friendship? Or just the mother that she always wished for, but never had?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Youth of the Nation"
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I Hate You (On-Hold)
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Abuse, Depression, Cutting, Healing, Love
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update...I really relate to this...

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Please update! It really connects with my life! Not the mom or cutting but everything else :-)

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I Loved it it made me kinda sad that people actually cut themself but other than that i Loved Good Luck in the Contenst

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