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Betrayed: Wife v.s. Daughter

Life of a Forgiver? ...not really Von:
Betrayed: Wife v.s. Daughter
This is a short story of a memory from my younger days, when I was betrayed by the one person I thought would always be there for me. I say I've forgiven, I've told others that I'm fine...but have I? Am I?

(This is my entry for the 'Memory Contest')

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Youth of the Nation"
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Betrayed: Wife v.s. Daughter
Life of a Forgiver? ...not really
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Wow! I felt as i were there with you. And your honest opinion of your own actions through the window of time was so well worded. Though you stated, 'it could have been way worse' it did not need to be worse. And I understand the idea of that 'bubble' of innocence and love. Once it pops, how can you gather it together again? I loved it. Fantastic book.

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I am happy that someone can put their teenage struggles on paper -- teenage years are the worst because truthfully, you just don't know yourself well enough. So many teenagers go through hell and talking about it, or just writing it down can really inspire other to do so themselves. Which is a good thing to do because its a therapeutic way to get their emotions out.
thank you for the inspiration you are putting on others.
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Review - The innocence you lost is at the heart of this gut wrenching story. You have a tender heart. It is clear you have a sharp conscience as you can feel what you did right and where you were wrong. You were able to put it into the written word well. It isn't easy to bare your soul to the world. Great job. Robynn

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A terrifying and gut-wrenching story. Congratulations for having the courage to replay the events on paper, and sharing a very personal and tragic experience.

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I like this. The detail of the story and the fact it had me gripped. I hope you do get the chance to put things right. It is hard for the child, but it must be as equally hard for the parent. I do not have children myself but i always think "i'll do this differently or i'll do that" if i have children but i'll probably end up having a similar approach to my parents. They were children once and I think a child even if Parents... mehr anzeigen

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Reading this in the middle of Algebra was a bad idea. I got tears in my eyes reading this book. Chloe Knox this short story was amazing. YOu are an excellent writter! I love this!!!!!!!!! Keep up the awsome work!!!!!!!!!! :D

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