The Corrupted

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The Corrupted
From the engulfing fires of hell which it came. .

death, monsters, hell, dark, scary, horror, poetry
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Interesting, never thought of combining horror and poetry before. Reminds me of The Walking Dead, if anyone here watches that. The second verse seems to sputter a little though. Read it out loud and you'll see what I mean. Maybe 'becoming' in the second line of that verse could be removed to give it better cadence. Just a tip.


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From my perspective Cheyenne, I see your poem as a commentary on what life can be sometimes. Finding ourselves trapped in an absolute horrible situation where we believe there is no escape. Very good job of capturing such a nightmare with very selective words to describe the horror.

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For a horror and poetry at the same time this is pretty awesome. You have one spelling mistake where 'calles' should be 'calls'. Overall nice work.

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Shank you :3, and yes , I had a friend point that out to me. thanks for your feedback :D

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