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Midnight Lust Series

One-Nighters Von:
Midnight Lust Series

The first of many Midnight Lust books to come. This one is all about one nighters. A teacher gets a lovely tongue massage, and a soon to be sister-in-law lives out her fantasy. A few short stories to have you locked in, and wanting more. This is erotica. Make sure that's clear.


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erotica, teacher, student, sex
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If you really like erotica, sex and a book to fire you up, and make you wet, well, the best of the best i can think is Paulo Coelho - Eleven Minutes, and you can find it here for free:
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dish of 69

My First Book On Amazon :) Want your support :)

Do you love to read erotic Books? Then this book is for you , there are four Different stories of people who want to fulfil their sexual fantasy.
1) A Women Want To lesbian Bang.
2)A women who love to smell... mehr anzeigen

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