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Healing Our Racism

Moving The Planet Towards Greater Freedom Von:
Healing Our Racism

About The Author


Before we get into it let’s talk about what qualifies me to speak on the matter of healing racism.


I grew up unknowingly racist. I did not like ‘white people’. In fact, I hated ‘white people’. I saw ‘the white man as the devil’ and in my early teens I described myself as a ‘black panther’. I also had an issue with ‘half cast mixed race people’ and did not agree to the sexual mixing of races.


As a person with brown skin and Jamaican heritage born and raised in England I also experienced several forms of racism whilst growing up and well into adulthood - from job refusals to being called ‘nigger’, ‘black cunt’, ‘black bastard’, you name it. I also grew up hearing stories of racist attacks endured by my parents and grandparents.


I studied Sociology at the London School of Economics of which I took several modules in racie elations from a sociooogical context.


I studied Sociology at the London School of Economics and I studied several modules in race relations from a sociological and political standpoint.


Put short - I know a thing or two about race and racism.


The purpose of this Guide is to give the reader the power and authority to heal his or her racism. It is only when racism is healed within the individual will it be healed as a global and systemic phenomenon.


What Is Race?


We might decide to begin this Guide with explaining rather fancifully and sociologically the etymological definition of race. We could start by making the very broad and widely understood sociological insinuation that ‘there is no such this such thing race’, and that ‘race is a social construct’.


Our previous Guides have made it very clear that this Message, which we hereby call the Nu Vibe,  is not about convincing, persuading, fact-finding, knowledge-bashing, logical-reasoning or righteousness. Demonstrating through intellectual prowess that race is a made up construct with no significant value other than its contextual power play in human discourse, will not do anything to shift your, your friend’s or the planet’s racism. This Message, this Nu Vibe, is unapologetically and unashamedly about love. The access to this Message does not require sophisticated or fanciful arguments or points of view.

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