Unknown To History (fiscle part-XII) Part 2

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Unknown To History (fiscle part-XII) Part 2

It Was A Rainy November Afternoon. Dinner Was Over, The Great Wood
Fire Had Been Made Up, And Mistress Talbot Was Presiding over The
Womenfolk Of Her Household And Their Tasks With Needle And Distaff. She
Had Laid Hands On Her Unwilling son Edward To Show His Father How Well
He Could Read The Piece De Resistance Of The Family, Fabyan'S
Chronicle; And The Boy, With An Elbow Firmly Planted on Either Side Of
The Great Folio, Was Floundering through The Miseries Of King stephen'S
Time; While Mr. Talbot, After Smoothing the Head Of His Largest Hound
For Some Minutes, Had Leant Back In his Chair And Dropped asleep.
Cicely'S Hand Tardily Drew Out Her Thread, Her Spindle Scarcely
Balanced itself On The Floor, And Her Maiden Meditation Was In an
Inactive Sort Of Way Occupied with The Sense Of Dulness After The
Summer Excitements, And Wonder Whether Her Greatness Were All A Dream,
And Anything would Happen To Recall Her Once More To Be A Princess.
The Kitten At Her Feet Took The Spindle For A Lazily Moving creature,
And Thought Herself Fascinating it, So She Stared hard, With Only An
Occasional Whisk Of The End Of Her Striped tail; And Mistress Susan Was
Only Kept Awake By Her Anxiety To Adapt Diccon'S Last Year'S Jerkin To
Ned'S Use.

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