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The Confessions Of Harry Lorrequer, Vol. 1

User: silviya
The   Confessions Of   Harry Lorrequer, Vol. 1

"Story! God Bless You; I Have None To Tell, Sir."

It Is Now Many--Do Not Ask Me To Say How Many--Years Since I Received
From The Horse Guards The Welcome Intelligence That I Was Gazetted To An
Insigncy In His Majesty's __Th Foot, And That My Name, Which Had Figured
So Long In The "Duke's" List, With The Words "A Very Hard Case" Appended,
Should At Length Appear In The Monthly Record Of Promotions And

Since Then My Life Has Been Passed In All The Vicissitudes Of War And
Peace. The Camp And The Bivouac--The Reckless Gaiety Of The Mess-Table
--The Comfortless Solitude Of A French Prison--The Exciting Turmoils Of
Active Service--The Wearisome Monotony Of Garrison Duty, I Have Alike
Partaken Of, And Experienced. A Career Of This Kind, With A Temperament
Ever Ready To Go With The Humour Of Those About Him Will Always Be Sure

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