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New National Fourth Reader

User: paul
New National Fourth Reader

It Is Thought That The Following Special Features Of This Book Will
Commend Themselves To Teachers And School Officers.

_The Reading Matter Of The Book Is More Of A Descriptive Than
Conversational Style_, As It Is Presumed That The Pupil, After Having
Finished The Previous Books Of The Series, Will Have Formed The Habit Of
Easy Intonation And Distinct Articulation.

_The Interesting Character Of The Selections_, So Unlike The Reading
Books Of Former Times.

_The Large Amount Of Information_ Which Has Been Combined With Incidents
Of An Interesting Nature, To Insure The Pupil'S Earnest And Thoughtful

_The Length Of The Selections For Reading_,--The Attention Of Pupils
Being Held More Readily By Long Selections Than By Short Ones, Though Of
Equal Interest.

_The Gradation Of The Lessons_, Which Has Been Systematically Maintained
By Keeping A Careful Record Of All New Words As Fast As They Appeared,
And Using Only Such Pieces As Contained A Limited Number.

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