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Wieland Or The Transformation An American Tale

User: silviya
Wieland Or The Transformation An American Tale

I Feel Little Reluctance In complying with Your Request. You
Know Not Fully The Cause Of My Sorrows. You Are A Stranger To
The Depth Of My Distresses. Hence Your Efforts At Consolation
Must Necessarily Fail. Yet The Tale That I Am Going to Tell Is
Not Intended as A Claim Upon Your Sympathy. In the Midst Of My
Despair, I Do Not Disdain To Contribute What Little I Can To The
Benefit Of Mankind. I Acknowledge Your Right To Be Informed of
The Events That Have Lately Happened in my Family. Make What
Use Of The Tale You Shall Think Proper. If It Be Communicated
To The World, It Will Inculcate The Duty Of Avoiding deceit. It
Will Exemplify The Force Of Early Impressions, And Show The
Immeasurable Evils That Flow From An Erroneous Or Imperfect

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