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If I only Had You

If I only Had You
At a young age Gillian had no illusions about her looks for her older brother John made a point to tell her, giving her the nickname Ugly Duckling. She was the daughter of one of England's best swordsmen, Philp de Page, Earl of Kilraven.

When he was younger he was taught women were a weakness and battle was the way of a man's life. Kendrick de Dare was the only son of England's most feared 'warlock' and warrior, Devil de Dare, Duke of Arundel.

Together they will find out the true meaning of happiness. Whether it be with swords, fists, words, or passion.

Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

wow you really know how to keep readers on there toes lol hope to see more soon

Wichtiger Beitrag
writingmum start a book.

And a fab cover.

Here's some errors for you...

Start a new paragraph with 'That was a lesson...' It will make more of an impact.

Love your first line, although I think it could be tweaked.

Paragraph 'Where i had been picked up...' needs a complete re-write. It doesn't make sense.

'I screamed and kicked, bit and punched but...' Your problem here is the word 'bit' It makes the passage sound odd.

Suggest... mehr anzeigen

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