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She's Gone Bad

User: chalen
She's Gone Bad

Raylynn (rilie) is a girl who considers, god, her mom and kyler to be her best friends. at a party rilie get's raped and tells kyler, who tells his cousins. they beat the attacker to death, but then he is revived. the cops set out for rilie, and as a first time bad kid she runs. first she runs to her older brother, blakes, where she meets coltan and his friends.kyler's back home keeping her up to date. the cops get word of rilie at her brothers, and when they go to her class she sneaks out the back door, and runs. blake has josh( who is a cop, and was their dad's best friend) protect her. the cops get wind of her in forks, where her brother has sent her. rilie who already has a taste for running picks up and moves to Catalina island, with coltan who found out where she was. the phone josh gave her can be turned into a listening device, that the cops use to find her. she picks up and moves back to new jersey where her real uncle lives. he's also a cop.danny and josh, find out she knows who beat the guy and want to take her in. rilie thinks not and takes off with coltan to alska to ice's (everah) house. ice is an old friend of rilies, where she stays, until blake says it's okay to come back.

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thanks. C= and i was thinking about writing more to the story. i have some ideas forming already. C=

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i really really like this book r u gonna add some more to it??

I think that u shoud or if u dont you should make a sequal :)


Great job on this book :D

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