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Thirty Days

Thirty Days
Alexandra Price a.k.a. Alex

She’s an awkward, silent, clumsy nerd. But after an incident that happened a year and a half ago, everything in her changed.
One afternoon as she walked home, Alex decided to turn and take a detour to the forest. She went to the lake located in the middle of the forest to drown herself to death.
Her intention failed though when one person tried to save her.

Zeus Cole

He’s popular, rich, smart, and good-looking. But he’s also one of the jerks who love to bully Alex.
One afternoon, for some unexplainable reason, he followed Alex through the forest. And when he realized what she was trying to do, Zeus came and saved her from drowning.
After that very moment, Zeus couldn’t leave Alex alone. He made a deal with her—to convince her not to kill herself in a span of 30 days.

teen fiction, romance, drama
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heyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur book was really good nd plz add more*hoping thats not the end*............................

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