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Look After You

User: cadlg7
Look After You
Only seven more months before Jace Greenway graduates from high school. Seven more months before he can leave his extremely religious parents and be who he really is, and love who he wants to love. Of course, all of that changes when Jace meets guitar player Ezra Valentine at a café. Jace had never experienced love, until Ez showed him and taught him what it was. But happiness doesn't last when Ezra finds out that Jace is scared to love, to live a little before he leaves to the University, and it's all because of his homophobic family and Jace's struggle to accept himself before seeking the approval of others.
The story will have strong scenes between Ezra and Jace so if you're intolerant to that, this may not be your story.
This is a project I will submit in order to be accepted to film school.

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It's really, really good! You shoud write more

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