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Godliness (fiscle part- 9 )

User: silviya
Godliness (fiscle part- 9 )

In Giving this Volume To Our American Readers, We Are Assured that
We Are Doing a Special Favor To All The Lovers Of "Christianity In
Earnest." "Aggressive Christianity," From The Same Talented author,
Has Met With Unusual Favor, And Has Been The Means Of Much Good. We
Are Confident That The Present Volume Is In all Respects Equal To The
Former, And That No One Can Read It Without Great Spiritual Profit.

The Introduction, By Dr. Daniel Steele, Is A Forcible Presentation
Of The Main Doctrines Of The Book, And Is Creditable To The Head And
Heart Of The Writer, And A Commendation Which All Intelligent Readers
Will Highly Esteem.

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