The World I Never New

The World I Never New
She never know their was a world with people having special powers and fighting evil with their powerful pets at their side I'm really bad at spelling sorry and the book is not finished yet so tell me what you think

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The story is very promising. The idea is very unique, and as you get older you'll learn more about punctuation and grammar which you need help with. Just little things you learn in school like verb tense, and how to punctuate quotations and run ons. It's really a great idea i encourage you to keep writing, and when you're older you can go back and edit it. :)

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Same with this story Catey, you have a strong story line and I can see you want to go far with the wonderful characters you create. I can understand that you may have problems with spelling, trust me I do to. But we still need to get better each day, specially if we want more and more people to read our stories. I can help you with any of the stories if you want, just let me know.

This story is very promising too!!



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great job thats was awesome right more please

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