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Me and THEM

What did they brake now?????????? Von:
User: anonimus
Me and THEM
I live with my brother and his 6 friends. They brake every thing . But what happens when one of them falls in love with me .And I find out hes my mate . But Even though Ive wolfed I havent turned yet. Were will that happen. What will happen. and will everyone agree.Living with teenage boys is not easy

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "I dont know Yet"
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Me and THEM
What did they brake now??????????
Izzie, 7 boys, THEY, BRAKE, EVERYTHING .
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Update pretty plz

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Please update!! Its getting really good!!

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This is an old story. Ill attempt to rewrite it and finish it but the chances are slim, thanks for reviewing anyway!

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Gelöschter User

AWW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!!! no?? that wouldnt b FAIR!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME WHEN YOU UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV YA BYE!!!!!!!! :D

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I'll try and rewrite it soon I promise.

Gelöschter User

lol a year later I don't even remember what the story is about sorreh.

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