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Dangerous Tides

Dangerous Tides
This is just a small piece of something that I wrote a long time ago, but I really liked it so... I thought I'd post it.

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Thanks SO much! That just... it made my day. Possibly even my week. =]
It's an excerpt from a fanfiction that I started writing a couple years ago, and then never finished it. The whole story isn't written like this, though. This was a one time thing, and although I've tried and tried to write more with a description like this, I haven't been able to do it. Thanks for the heart, and the compliments!

Wichtiger Beitrag

This MUST be an excerpt from a short story or a novel. It's excellent.
Beginning on page 6...the physical's everything a reader could want in a piece of narrative! Seamless.
Everything about this short shouts professional. Well done, Cassidy. In fact, great!

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