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Claiming His Goddess

Claiming His Goddess

She is like no other. He is fascinated by her. He wants her like he wants no other. She refuses to surrender herself. She has no interest in being his wife or his mistress, but after her engagement to a foreign prince goes down the drain courtesy of the pharaoh’s possessiveness of his earth bound goddess, she has no choice but to let him have his way, she promises herself she won’t fall for him but can pharaoh seduce his way into her heart and not only her body while still keeping his promise to love and cherish her till the day he passes into the afterlife or will he let her get away? Will she be able to be the perfect lover and wife or will he eventually lose interest in her like she has always feared?

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lovely story. i like it

2 Kommentare
Backwood writer

you put the lovely woman so lucious and desiring , and the end was sure steamy , almost make a man envious of the pharaoh. it seem noble men gets all the pretty woman, well written ,

Diana LeRoy

Thank you very much :)

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