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First in The "Vampire Elite" Series Von:
User: Lil'Ly
No Regard
Silvia's young life is selfishly taken by the man she loves, Ty. He brings her into a dark world of lust, blood and violence, claiming her as his own for eternity. She struggles with her hatred towards the man she once loved and trusted. Questioning his motives in condemning her to a world of eternal darkness for the sake of love.

Continually developing her super-natural strength and powers, she sets out to master them. Her inspiration, a beneath the surface, unsettled desire for vengeance!

Just when an act of redemption seems to re-enforce their love, she is taken from Ty by a man who's heart she broke in the past, Adam. As Silvia is held prisoner by Adam, the truths revealed change everything. Although the target of her vengeance may change, the verdict remains the same, total annihilation. An obsession that may cost her own existence.

*Warning: Contains sexually descriptive scenes in a somewhat tasteful manner.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Vampire Elite Series"
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No Regard
First in The "Vampire Elite" Series
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Awesome book!!! I loved it.. Waiting to read the next series of the Vampire Elite :)

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