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I'm not looking for love; I'm just looking for survival. I'm not in pain, but pain has become part of me, hurt are scratches in my body. But when you become wanted by the FBI, the most wanted gang, and drug dealers, all at once. Survival becomes the goal of your life.
Marline is 26 years old cares about nothing but finishing each day of her life, keep hidden from her fears, and running from her enemies, and drug dealers .and to top all of that the FBI thinks she's the answer for their search, and the missing chain to the gang. but she has a huge secret
He is elite, a billionaire's son Richard Phillips is his father the wealthiest man in all of New York, and VIP. He is Damien the hottest sexiest guy ever but also has a passion for his job being an FBI became a part of him he is 28 years old and lately has an assignment to capture a wanted woman called Marline he's also on the virtue of getting engaged.
Two completely different people with two opposite personalities will it be war or paradise in the chase?

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Ewing, NJ

The Koch brothers, Trump and (it would be interesting to know who of) these
""...others who support privatization of veteran's health care and other
services"" have never spent a collective 60 seconds in uniform. But now they
are s-o-o-o concerned about the welfare of those of us who did? A break,
please. Give me -give us- a break.

This is not about making veterans' post-service welfare and benefits better so
much as it... mehr anzeigen

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