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Forget Me Not

User: cruggero
Forget Me Not
The unfolding of events during a family's new year's gathering as seen through the eyes of a child.

Nina Petro inmortality
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I really loved this. What a sweet tribute to your parents

A beautiful memory

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You write so well, Carmen, and even though your childhood was thousands of miles away from mine, I can relate. You paint a beautiful canvas of family that is very special. All I could have recommended for your family in those days was.....get a chamber pot!!!!


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i have just join the reading books online and i read a bit of forget me not amd i liked it i will keep reading the book till the end.

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Loved your story and how I felt like I was there and could see everything.

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Sweet...and you didn't, nor will your readers...p

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Thank you so much for your vote and your sweet comment.

Carmen :-)

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