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Coming Of Age

Not So Sweet 17 Von:
User: carli121
Coming Of Age

While on holiday in the wild Scottish coastline, Jimmy and his twin sister Tammi discover that turning 17 might be the scariest thing that ever happened to them.

holiday, scary, werewolves, wolf, howling
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Hi, Thanks so much for your kind comments, I'm glad you liked the story. Nice to meet you.Will have a look at your page and works. Best wishes
Carli 121 :)

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Started out and I thought of Alice in Wonderland only to turn to werewolfs and a bit of bloody horror. Coming of age - oh, yes , so sweet - enjoyed the story.

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Hi Kalai29,

Thank you so much for your comment and for saving my book, I really appreciate it, I wasn't sure it was any good at all - it's my first one and I don't always write things like that, so thank you very much. I will read some of yours too. Best Wishes, Carli x :)

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I really wonder how writers write stories about shape shifters and werewolves. I believe it requires a higher level of imagination. You have it!! Keep writing!

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