The Children of the New Forest

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The Children of the New Forest

The circumstances which I am about to relate to my juvenile readers

took place in the year 1647. By referring to the history of England, of

that date, they will find that King Charles the First, against whom the

Commons of England had rebelled, after a civil war of nearly five

years, had been defeated, and was confined as a prisoner at Hampton

Court. The Cavaliers, or the party who fought for King Charles, had all

been dispersed and the Parliamentary army under the command of Cromwell

were beginning to control the Commons.


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Seattle, Washington

How does one make sense of articles on Trumps supposed Nazi sympathizing with
respect to Charlottesville, with today’s article of Kissinger endorsing
Pompeo, replacing Tillerson, the only rational player with an understanding of
the area; he did successfully run a huge oil company in the Middle East, had a
working relationship with the players there, knew Putin and dealt with
Russians for decades; experience and... mehr anzeigen

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