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A Chemistry Short Von:

Rachel Moore is a grad student in chemistry at New York’s Ellison University. And she would be doing just fine if only her professor weren’t so distracting…


Dr. Alan Taylor is not just the best-looking man on campus—and possibly in all of New York—but also funny, charming, and a total nerd. Rachel’s heart doesn’t stand a chance.


When an accidental date ends in a night of passion, Rachel doesn’t know what to think. Was Alan just trying to get in her pants, or could this be something more?


Please enjoy this free prequel to the forthcoming Chemistry Trilogy, a New Adult romance series about a group of grad students who work hard in the lab but still have time for hooking up, breaking up, and generally getting into trouble.


For updates on my work and other goodies, please follow me on Twitter: @mscameronkane. (Who knows? I may even follow you back.)

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romance, college, sex, chemistry
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honestly super excited to read this book

3 Kommentare
Cameron Kane

Oh, I'm so glad! Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think. :-)


when will it be available to read?

Cameron Kane

I think you can read the full text online now by clicking on the cover image. Not sure when it will be available for download, but hoping very soon! (It's still going through the BookRix QA process...)

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