Jimmys Hacked PC

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Jimmys Hacked PC

THIS IS THE STORY Our story starts with Jimmy King an average middle class american. Jimmy woke up early one morning around 3:40 AM which was the time he usually woke up. Jimmy went to eat breakfast which he ate pancakes.Jimmy then brush his teeth with his favorite Colgate toothpaste he also had an Oral B toothbrush.  After he ate and brushed his teeth it was 4:10 AM that is the time he always gets on his computer to write his books. When he got to his computer he tried to turn it on but it didn’t turn on so he tried to unplug it and plug it back in but that didn’t work either so he waited till it was 3:30 PM. At 3:30 PM he got his computer and drove over to the Microsoft store in The Walking Company Beachwood Place. When he got there it was 5:30 PM he went inside and asked if they could fix his computer Jimmy said “I need your help sir my computer wont turn on and it was on the charger all night.” The store clerk tried to turn it on and he said “I am going to put it on a special charger where it takes one minute to charge.” After the minute went by Jimmy and the store clerk tried to turn it on but it popped up a message saying “YOU KNOW WHO I AM”. The store clerk asked “do you know who did this or did anything to anyone to get them mad at you?” Jimmy didn’t know what he was going to do he had no clue who did this or if he had done anything to anyone. So jimmy went home and tried to write his stories but the virus kept erasing all his work and kept writing in his story “YOU KNOW WHO I AM” over and over again. Jimmy was getting aggravated with it so he took a break then he decided to go back to the microsoft store and buy a new PC so he got up and got in his car. When jimmy arrived the store clerk welcomed him back to the store and then jimmy asked if he could get a new window ten computer and he payed for it and went home. The next day he got on his new computer and got on his story and started typing. After one hour his computer crashed and then started up again but it was different the background of his computer was a whiteboard that said “YOU CAN'T ESCAPE 99 DEEP”. Jimmy was confused on what 99 deep was so he decided to look it up turns out that 99 deep was a computer virus that spreads from book writing on computers also gaming consoles. Jimmy didn’t know how he got it but he is going to try and find out. Jimmy went to his story and continued to type after twenty-five minutes he went to use the bathroom while he was gone the story change and all it said was “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE 99 DEEP”. When Jimmy came back he was shocked to see his story he hasn't posted a story in three days and he was low on money the good thing was that people still bought his books but not as much as it first came out. Jimmy's last book he wrote was called the wars of ricky jabba it sold over five-hundred thousand virtual copies and made him $80,000 but he spent $40,000 of it on food for him to eat and paid for new equipment to type his stories. Jimmy typed but his words

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