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Grave consequence

User: Cama
Grave consequence

The thing about my life is that there is a secret war, a war my family was apart of... And me being able to talk to the dead makes me a part of it. Watch as Ella learns to cope with the secrets her mother hid from her and meet a family she never knew she was a part of. 


Every book is different, no matter what you write about; the charactors, placements and events will always be different. I like to think that every book has a certain part of the writer in them, read my book if you wish.


Mines set about a young necromancer who is plagued by the past. Not her own, a friends or families. Just the past. In order to survive she needs to figure out what she is and what she can do to stop an evil deluded man, her so called uncle.


It covers the issues of depression, loneleness, betrail, trust and relationships of all kinds.


And knowing that 20 % of every story is true, come share in the secrets and dreams from the debts of my brain.

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