Broken Fay-te

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Broken Fay-te

'I dont have anything to give you...'

'You do.' He replied once again smiling. 

'Wh-what do you want?' I asked again

'I want what you wouldn't give them. I want your first kiss.' 

I nodded, tears staining my cheeks and running down my closed lips.

I pressed them to his, my stomach fluttered and my eyes closed. His hand found and cupped my cheek gently, wiping away the shed tears. 


That was then. I was sweet. I was kind. And then everyone left me. 


At that very moment everything changed. At that moment I no longer smiled.  My lips no longer knew the shape of a smile, my heart no longer knew what it was like to feel the type of love that came freely no questions asked. 


And when that very same man tried to take more from me I snapped. No one should suffer as I have. If I had to be alone that was okay I was used to silence. But when I meet the people who once saved the more innocent me I can't help but revert into the all too caring person I once was. 


I don't remember how to love, I was never shown. I dont know how to forgive no one had ever hurt me and been forgiven before. I only knew how to fight, and some how I knew that it wouldn't be enough. 


(Be warned I cuss alot...) 

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I love your story line! I also like the smooth transitions and the way the action never stops, even when it doesn't seem like much is happening. That's skillful.

Because this is so excellent, I would urge you to run it through spell-check and fix the multiple spelling errors. A few would be normal, even expected, but they're in almost every sentence and paragraph, and this is just too good to be a victim of sloppy writing.... mehr anzeigen

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Thankyou so much for your kind words! I don't have spell check and I'm dyslexic which sucks so it means so much to me that you voiced your opinion on my work. So thankyou so much for voicing your opinion!


What kind of system are you using? There are free spell-checking programs you can download. If you like, I'll get the links for you if you have the kind of computer that allows those kinds of downloads.

My brother is dyslexic. When we were growing up, I couldn't understand how he... mehr anzeigen


that's so cute about your middle daughter! You are so lovely and kind with words towards me, you truly are a wonderful woman - and I don't know what it is, its just an old computer and doesn't spell check, I've been doing some of my newest stuff on my phone it takes longer but I... mehr anzeigen

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