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The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man
When the perfect man is waiting for you.
A trip to paris turns from fun to deep emotions. Does it work out? Maybe, maybe not. Read and find out.

Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

I think if he was truly perfect he would have answered her calls, but maybe he didn't answer for a reason like he went to hospital or somthing?
I like this book, and i'm glad the girl decided to not worry about it too much!:)

Wichtiger Beitrag

You are now one of my favorite authors on bookrix. This story makes me want to go to Paris!

Wichtiger Beitrag

He does seem like the perfect man! The perfect partner is what we are all looking for. Thanks.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Falling in love on vacation is always fleeting and fun. This book brings back some good memories. Thanks for writing it.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I did go back and change my mistakes.
It seems no matter how much i look over my work there is always something i miss.
I really appreciate your help
thank you!

Wichtiger Beitrag

A suggestion: you keep writing "the women" when you should write "the woman" -- this is a little confusing. You have time to fix this. Good luck.

Wichtiger Beitrag

This is a very realistic story. It has a sad ending for the girl but she will always have Paris.

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