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The Boy
A boy who wants more than anything to leave but is stuck.

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Looks the start of a much longer project. Hope so. I voted for you on this one.

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about a young boy who hasn't been able to make any experiences so far. He will never see the beautiful places in the world and he will never make new friends in the different countries. It seems to me that the nurse has become sometihing like the only friend or family member in the hospital which he called his home. The question is why do these things happen? Nobody knows. The only thing we know ist that they could happen to all of us.

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Good story but sad. It makes me stop and think about my life and the things that I want to do before I am unable to

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You have a nice story plot, which you can expand into a longer e-book. Just a suggestion, be careful with your punctuations. For instance, you must use an apostrophe for shortening phrases like “let us” (e.g.: “Let’s get some light.”) and “it is” (e.g.: “It’s from your aunt and uncle.”) I hope this helps you. This is a sad story but with a lesson to learn. Your book cover looks great, too. Good work!

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This was a great book to read. Your setting descriptions are very visual.

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Exciting! Thanks for writing this one. I enjoyed it very much.

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