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Growing up with something you love

Bear, Callie, Catherine, Brice
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A wonderful and uplifting story, Callie! A big thumbs up, and a vote!

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How sweet something so loved and now passed down to your child along with your loving memories I voted Serena

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touching, every child has some kind of toy which is very close to them, i had a white bear and a doll, i liked it, i voted, Good luck for contest

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You could have written that about me I still have my bear. All his fur has long since been loved off but he's beautiful to me. (Voted, Good Luck!)

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this story about the little bear which is much more than a simple toy to this girl. It is like a brother or a sister, with whom she has spent all her life and she loves it.

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Very heart touching story about a girl and her bear, well written.I really liked the story. :)

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I loved it. I have my stuffed teddy bear that he too has been with me since I was 5 years old. Lovely story! Two thumbs up!

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