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A Dream
A boy who is set to the ultimate test.

A Dream, Callie Catherine Brice
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

Short stories are not always easy to write, but you seem to have a natural gift for it - great story, great job! Here's my vote.

Wichtiger Beitrag

This is a lovely story. I believe you have the skill to develop it further.
I have added my vote.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Blue flower - that was the desire, the goal in Romanticism.

Yellow flowers - in this story they are the symbol for the inner sun, which is darkened, hidden.

To find it - this requires much more strength, than the boy anticipated. But his strong, persistent wish, his desire to find it, attracts a strong helper.

Fascinating story-idea.
Has suspense.

With kind regards
Phil Humor

Wichtiger Beitrag

Apart from a few spelling and grammar errors it was interesting. I'm glad it was not MY

Wichtiger Beitrag

after having found the master bedroom and the yellow flowers. This dream shows us that the boy can't come to terms with his mother's death. He feels guilty and that's why he has these nightmares. But as he is helped by his mother in the end, we can be sure that she still loves him and has forgiven him whatever he has done.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Very nice job, Callie. Dreams can be very difficult to write about because inside them the strangest, most seemingly nonsensical things can happen. This one was more of a nightmare! I liked it:)

Wichtiger Beitrag

It was very vivid, the descriptions were really well done. You have sure know how to write short stories, which is great!

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