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The protected

will they love with all the danger Von:
The protected

I am Scarlet the daughter of Cat and I am 16 tommorow and my mother is letting me out of my own for aw hile as long as I check in and I am a advantuer like my dad Trever. I haven't foung my mate yet so thats what I am looking for I am looking for him.

(this is a squel to the fighting love seris i hope you like it

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The fighting Love"
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The protected
will they love with all the danger
wolfs, vampire, love, read to find out
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I NEED help give me ideas for this chapter thanks for reading

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Duron Crejaro

You should do an outline for the whole book before you start writing it, unless you just let the story flow.


I like to go with the flow

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