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moonlight secrets

User: gaara5
moonlight secrets
winter also known as Rain by some weaks up on the street not remebering anything thinking nothing of it at first just that she must have fell on her head she goes back to her normal life with her overly christian mother and step father who are starting to get more abusive by everyday that passes she soon relizes werid things are happening to her from the amazing diffrence of her apperince and a strange tattoo on her neck that starts to burn at times when she is near danger and why dooes she keep haveing these starnge dreams of being bitten by a hodded figure and how is her mother and step father connceted?

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Christiana Hinojosa

Please update this book I want to know what happens

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I'm only on chapter three but chapter two made me want to cry I hope you keep writing because so far I really like it

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