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One Night Dream

...dreaming, wishes can become reality. Von:
One Night Dream
One night to be a princess, with all of your dreams to come true. Escape all of your worest nightmares. Would you take the chance? To find the prince charming, the perfect mate, and have a happily ever after? Well?

Look inside of Snow's Dream. All her wishes will appear and happen in this simple dream. One night of her being Cinderella but who's her prince?

Not the second book of Can this be true of love? Just an extra book for to read.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Can this be true love?"
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Can this be true love? (Will be rewritten!)
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One Night Dream
...dreaming, wishes can become reality.
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Cinderella, Dreams, Prince, Ball, Roalty
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i dont like this book you should really make the charitors pop and stand out more and make them more intresting

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omg update all of your books please they are very interesting!!! ~xoxo

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WillLoveYouEndlessly (C. Joyce)

I just started; its the progloue and I can't finish the book till I finish the main book 'Can this be true love'. Anyways do you like it?.....=)

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i think that you should add more things in the story like what happened first, second, and the end like did they live happily ever after.

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NICEEEE LOL i like the title is beast by the way lol :) im happy with it keep me informed.

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