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Her entire life unraveled all because of him... Von:
User: Seerygum
Ana is a sweet, beautiful, and smart girl. All her life she was emotionally abused. She grew up with a broken family. She never saw it coming when Xavier came into her life and completely changed it.

Xavier had it all money, power and he was next in line to be pack alpha. One small problem though. He had a mate. Its not what you think Xavier knew he wanted a mate. However his mate was the alphas daughter from another pack and was sent away as a baby. Now he has found her but she doesn't know he's her mate. She didn't even know werewolves existed. Also will a secret from his mothers past rip them apart?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "My Never EndingLife and Death"
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Her entire life unraveled all because of him...
Did she have it all wrong?
werewolves, mates, Ana, pack
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This is better than most I've read, though your summary could use some work, it just sounds like someone explaining something off the top of their head. I like the idea though.

As far as I've read, I don't know much about the MC or her family currently enough to really feel like what transpired in chapter two was justified. It felt empty and very filler-y. Like you wanted to write but you did it as you typed rather than... mehr anzeigen

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OMG! this story is amazing!

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I loved it. but did Ana really have to die?
and don't were wolves feel if there is something wrong with their mate?
so Xavier should have felt something.
any way, can't wait for your next book.

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Loved this story cant wait for the next one

1 Kommentar

Good story how does it end? Will you finish or leave us hanging?

Wichtiger Beitrag

Hey! For those of you who read my books and enjoy them, I should let you know I am working on getting out updates as much as possible! I haven't been updating and that is completely my fault if you wanna know when a certain book is to be updated lemme know otherwise thnx!

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Omg, this was a great story but why did she have to die :( :( :( :( I cried on the last page. Pleassseeeee write another one but with a happy ending :') Xavier and Ana are an adorable couple. <3

1 Kommentar

Awwwww thank! That means so much too me! I have already started the sequel Revelations so check it out...However u might not enjoy the direction I am thinking of sending Revelations... Thanks again! Glad u liked it!

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