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When a baby girl is left on the door step of an orphanage in 1996, all she has is a sodden dress, a soaked blanket and a note from her mother warning that if she ever knew who she really was bad people would come for her. Her real name is Jezzabel Jeckson. And up until her 15th birthday she lived her life completly normal using the name Poppy-Sue Ream not knowing who she is.
That is until a lady comes to the orphanage asking for a girl named Jezzabel Jeckson.

Orphanage, Orphan, Identity
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Okay, you hooked me. I'm desperately waiting for you to go on with the story. Seriously, You write well. the story is interesting and you do a good job of presenting it. Thanks for sharing and please let me know when you add to it. Thanks.

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