Vampire Diaries

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Vampire Diaries
I am a vampire. yea so got a problem with it? I only agree with this because I had to. Mother said "If an every you die, it would be nice for some one to know what is happening to them in there life. Every one in our family is a vampire. Some learn it the hard way. Now take this human thing and write. It doesn’t matter what your write, just write some thing about vampires.” So here I am writing about nonsense. Yes I am a vampire. Eww the family secret reveled. Now let’s continue so I can get done. I am very thirsty, not only from this book, but because I haven’t had any thing to eat today. Well I cant hold it any longer. Bye. See you in a while.

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i am done but as you see i am makeing all the covers of this series. i only doing this so i wont have to write down the titles so i wont for get

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