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The Trade, Domestic And Foreign

User: disha
The Trade, Domestic And Foreign
The Subject Discussed In The Following Pages Is One Of Great
Importance, And Especially So To The People Of This Country. The Views
Presented For Consideration Differ Widely From Those Generally
Entertained, Both As Regards The Cause Of Evil And The Mode Of Cure;
But It Does Not Follow Necessarily That They Are Not Correct,--As The
Reader May Readily Satisfy Himself By Reflecting Upon The Fact, That
There Is Scarcely An Opinion He Now Holds, That Has Not, And At No
Very Distant Period, Been Deemed Quite As Heretical As Any Here
Advanced. In Reflecting Upon Them, And Upon The Facts By Which They
Are Supported, He Is Requested To Bear In Mind That The Latter Are,
With Very Few Exceptions, Drawn From Writers Holding Views Directly
Opposed To Those Of The Author Of This Volume; And Not Therefore To Be
Suspected Of Any Exaggeration Of The Injurious Effects Of The System
Here Treated As Leading To Slavery, Or The Beneficial Ones Resulting
From That Here Described As Tending To Establish Perfect And Universal
Freedom Of Thought, Speech, Action, And Trade.

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