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Turning The Tides

User: bugz
Turning The Tides
An outcast because she's different from the others. Hated because of her smart alec attitude. Studied because of her tattoos. An Alpha when she didn't want it. Taking care of a pack of werewolves with only her brother to help. Her parents are strict Christians who don't know that all their children turn into giant wolves. When Pluto's older brother turns up at the town they just moved to, it seems he has been following them for two years. Her hero is now dead in her eyes. But what happens when he turns up missing? Will Pluto put away her pride to save her brother like he had so many times before? Or will she allow the hunters to torture him, trying to figure out where she is? Will he rat her out or will he be the big brother he used to be?

Werewolves, Hunters, Siblings, Pack
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omg loved the book like totally update

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I honestly have no idea where to go with this now, and I really need to do spell check and editing. Sorry. But if you guys have any suggestions, please comment and tell.

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