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Random things that pop into my head at inconvenient times

User: Ren
Random things that pop into my head at inconvenient times
This is literally a collection of poems and other nonsense that jumps into my mind through out the days. You know, those little catchy things that you like and have to write down before you forget them or you play around with them in you head and before you know it their stuck in there until you do something with them?
This will continue to grow as things pop up. I am warning you now:
What I mean by random is: A story about a city of cannibalistic cats or a rhyming song that can't have more than two words that rhyme at any given time. The really random ones can be blamed on my Creative Writing class. Sorry if you don't like any of them, but I am making this -- not you. If you have any ideas feel free to send them to me and make comments on any of the prompts in here. Criticize it helpfully, not spitefully. Feel free to take any of the ideas in here and make them your own, just please let me know first!? I want to read what you come up with!
This collection will never be actually be published. It is just for fun. (And yes. I know my poems may not actually follow any poetic format. I really don't care that much, and like them how they are, thank you very much.)

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