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Promising Existence

Coming soon Von:
Promising Existence
"Promise you'll never leave me?..." I mumbled, my eyes locked on the ground. His warm fingers, always too warm, lifted my chin so my eyes met his. "I promise." And his lips met mine.

When Cassie's father finally gets hit with the reality that his wife died four years ago, he cracked. He took his anger and hate out on his daughter Cassie.

Katrona found her bruised and broken on her bedroom floor, and decided to to save her best friend from herself.

Both leaving the town they grew up in too start over. New school, new home, new begining. But what happens when they get new friends? Is it the wrong crowd? The wrong crowd with the dark secrets? Is that the crowd they choose to trust? To dedicate there lifes too because, well... its fate. It's destiny? Hell, there isn't anyway around it, anyways. Just gotta embrace the new.

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