The Monster of Vanity Woods

User: brooke672
The Monster of Vanity Woods
Something is lurking in Vanity Woods.

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You're 13 and wrote this story????
Wow! Good job, Brooke! You have already come so close to mastering the short story. I loved how you wove the narrative in there where Tiffany relived moments long gone. Very effective and not easy to do.
I wish the contest would have allowed at least 10 more words, lol, so that you could have told us what a "perfectly normal body" actually meant!

Very nice, frightening little story, indeed!

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Thank you SO much everyone for your feedback and support. It means a ton to me :D

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The story moved very quickly, you made me feel like I was there . Good job and a vote Serena.

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Thank you God, indeed!

Very fast paced- very good..thanks Happydagger for the link!..p

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